Tuesday, 29 June 2010

New Blog!

Yes, I've decided to do a new blog dedicated strictly to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service, which will serve as a supplement to my book "The Complete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service: How to Get the Most Out of Our Nation's Licence-Free, Fee-Free Two-Way Radio Service" ISBN 978-1895391-20-6 (trade paperback)and ISBN 978-1895391-21-3 (Ebook).

Here in Canada GMRS is licence-free radio service while currently in the United States a user requires a licence to operate. Well, the FCC is considering aligning the GMRS service to that of Canada's, lowing the power output to two watts from five, and eliminating the need for licencing. This is, I believe, the first time in history that the States is matching a radiocommunications standard with that of Canada, rather then the other way around.

This, of course, may also scare the crap out of business-band radio dealers down there as it has up here. If no licence is required, and two-watt GMRS radios become widely available, you will see many American businesses transgress from the those expensive two-watt business band radios that they pay huge amounts of money to buy or rent, to the cheap GMRS alternative just as Canadian business have and continue to do. And as far as I'm concerned, this is a good thing.

For more information on Canada's General Mobile Radio Service until the next blog, visit my website at www.phillipjboucher.com.

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