Saturday, 24 July 2010

Forget Business Band Radio, use GMRS Instead

Many Canadian companies are using UHF business band radios for short range communications. The costs incurred to purchase or rent these units can be quite high, especially when you factor in the added costs for licenses, airtime, and purchase or rental fees. These radios are usually two-watt units and operate on specific "business band" frequencies.

GMRS radios also operate on UHF frequencies at two watts power output. They have the same features as the more expensive business band units, including tone squelch and signalling systems. However, there no fees or other costs incurred in GMRS operations, other than the purchase of the radios, which can be from $30-$120 per unit or pair of units, compared to $500-$1500 for the commercial ones.

The ONLY advantage, and even that is debatable, of commercial business band radios over GMRS is that commercial frequencies require a license and therefore there would be less interference on a channel compared to the publicly accessible GMRS channels. But a license does not mean interference-free. There may be many licensed users per channel and interference may still be an issue.

Canadian businesses should consider GMRS as a alternative to commercial two-way radio, or adding GMRS to their daily operations. Not only will money be saved, but an increase in productivity and customer service can be realized.


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