Wednesday, 29 June 2011

GMRS Radios Popping Up in Business Use All over Canada

As my wife and I were doing our weekly shopping trip recently, at least three grocery and one dollar store that we went into were using GMRS radios. The employees were equipped either with straight hand-helds or using a VOX (Voice Operated Transmit) headset. The majority of use was to deal with administrative tasks such as calling for floats for the cash register, talking to the back of the house, and dealing with the proverbial "clean up in aisle four".

One employee used their radio to call to the loading dock to see if there were any more items available of a particular one we wanted that was on sale in their flyer. One quick call brought one out to us.

I have also seen more road work crews utilizing GMRS radios for traffic coordination and site communications. I even noticed the use of GMRS while in a computer store to purchase an enclosure for a hard drive.

Either these companies have been reading my book or blog, or have discovered on their own that GMRS is a viable alternative to expensive business-band UHF radios. Think of what this service can do for your company.


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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

More Canadian Business Users Turning to GMRS

As I go about my day, I've been finding more and more Canadian businesses using GMRS radios for day-to-day wireless communications. Of course the construction industry, especially road work crews, have embraced GMRS. But even when I have gone into some grocery stores, small retail outlets, and even a library, employees are carrying around GMRS radios for customer service, staff management, stocking, cleaning, and many other activities. Since GMRS radios require no license or other fees to use, they are inexpensive alternatives to business-band radios. And in this economy, when short-range radio communications are required, the business radios are being dumped, and GMRS radios are being used. I pose a challenge to you. In your daily business activities, are there times when you could use cheap two-way radio communications? So why are you still using business band equipment?