Sunday, 23 October 2011

Book Causing Concern with Business Radio Service Providers

I recently had a short note sent to me by a source who thought I should know that a member of a radio service provider company said, in a nutshell, that my book, "The Complete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service", which contains ways companies can either dump or supplement their commercial radio gear with GMRS equipment, was a threat to their business and industry. No kidding. Why would someone pay $500 or more for, or rent, a UHF two-watt two-way radio, when for under $100, and sometimes way under, they could get two GMRS radios that perform equally as well, including have the same features such as tone squelch and voice-operated transmit? They stress that GMRS frequencies are readily available to the public, while commercial frequencies are licensed and have fewer users, so the advantage of commercial is less interference in communications. Really! Does that justify the huge expenditure of money? Not in my opinion. There is no controversy. Two-watt UHF GMRS radios are just as good as commercial two-watt UHF GMRS radios. Cheaper, available anywhere, and they do the same thing. Why would anyone get commercial if they didn't have to? If commercial radio manufactures and service providers are so scared, they can simply slip me five million dollars ($5,000,000.00) Canadian under the proverbial table and I'll never talk about GMRS again. (And I will pay my taxes on that money, RC). That payoff is a simple drop in the bucket for Canada's commercial radio communications industry. Since I know that that will not happen, I encourage you all to read my book, buy and use GMRS radios for your personal, commercial, and official governmental activities, and tell the expensive two-way radio industry to take their heads out their behinds and understand that when it comes right down to two pieces of equipment doing EXACTLY the same thing, the lower-priced one will ALWAYS win out.

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