Sunday, 23 October 2011

More companies jump on the GMRS bandwagon.

My daily routine sometimes takes me to various retailers and my observant eye has spotted many more of them using GMRS radios for both administrative and customer service tasks. Here's a list: Micheal's, dollar stores, Walmart, Future Shop, Staples, two grocery stores, and a few others. I was driving by a golf course and the grounds crew were conversing via GMRS. Five construction zones and GMRS was used at each one. Stopped at a Timmy's, waiting in one line, a police officer came in and stood in the other (I won't tell you what force it was though), and on his belt, right beside his VHF radio, was a GMRS unit! And on the highway I passed three tractor-trailers and they were not talking on CB's at all. They were talking on GMRS! The low cost and same quality/distance of GMRS radios compared to two-watt UHF business-band units means that anyone, you, me, your boss and co-workers, employees, and even government personnel, can keep in wireless communications without spending tons of cash on cellular service, or commercial radio equipment and operational expenses. With Christmas coming very soon, why not buy someone you know and love who needs wireless communications for personal or business use two or more GMRS radios? You can find them at Walmart, Canadian Tire, Costco, and many other retailers across Canada. Combine those with a copy of my book, "The Compete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service", and you will give a gift that will help them enjoy life and work much better.


Phillip J. Boucher is the author of the book, "The Complete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service," available as an electronic book through his website, or as a physical book from and To order the eBook of "The Compete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service", click here:


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