Monday, 28 May 2012

Multiple Business Uses for GMRS Radios in Canada

Multiple Business Uses for GMRS Radios in Canada 

by Phillip J. Boucher

Canadian businesses can use GMRS for lots of situations

As a Canadian business owner or operator you may be familiar with, or may even use, handheld two-way radios in your day-to-day business operations. But commercial radio equipment can be very expensive to purchase or rent, and when you factor in the added costs of licensing and frequency/channel fees, your radio expense budget can quickly get out of control.

Most business band radio equipment operates on UHF frequencies at two watts of output power. Some radios provide optional features such as selective calling, paging, power saving, and other "bells and whistles" that enhance your radio communications. But did you know that those GMRS radios that you can find at Canadian Tire, Walmart, and many other hardware, electronics, and department stores, operate on similar frequencies and at the same output power, with many of the same "bell and whistle" features that the commercial business band radios do? And with their lower cost and no requirement for any licensing or other fees, they are the perfect substitute or addition to your business.

You can use GMRS radios to not only enhance productivity and reduce costs, but you can also improve your customer service as well. For instance, within a department store, equipping each staff member with a GMRS radio means they can instantly contact each other to inquire about stock, coordinate assignments or breaks, and call for assistance in emergencies. They can contact other staff to find products for customers, or contact a supervisor for customer assistance. Restaurants can use GMRS radios for the kitchen to let servers know when orders are up, or supervise staff in various sections. Who wants to spend money using cellphones, pagers, or land-line phones simply for one employee to contact another employee across a large warehouse floor? GMRS radios will enable them contact each other instantly with no costs incurred. As for retail operations, GMRS radios for every employee means improved safety and security for both staff and customers.

A little thought into the type of business you have and how GMRS can help you do that business will elicit a multitude of uses and solutions that will save you money, improve your productivity, and contribute to better customer service. If you currently use handheld two-way radios in your business, you should investigate whether GMRS can be a total or partial substitute, or used just as a back-up communications system. If you do not use two-way radios, you should seriously consider the many uses and solutions that GMRS may be able to resolve or improve in your business.

Two-way radio communications does not have to be an expensive part of your company or business. GMRS radios are inexpensive and just as effective and efficient as similar business band equipment. You want to make money, not spend it, and GMRS radios are the perfect solution to your overall business operations.

Phillip J. Boucher is the author of the ebook, The Complete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service, availbe from Amazon for $14.95.


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