Sunday, 1 December 2013

More Businesses Using Canada's General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) Than Ever Before

by Phillip J. Boucher

Over the past few weeks during my journeys throughout town, I have found many more businesses using GMRS radios for their day-to-day radio communications needs. Two large "box" stores that used to use commercial handheld radios (and had licences for these radios and frequencies) have abandoned these and are now using GMRS exclusively. One "dollar" type store has started using GMRS for communications between the cashiers and back stock room. 

A local golf course that had been using rental handhelds on a commercial standard VHF repeater provider has jumped ship and has been heard on GMRS frequencies. Almost every work crew doing road work has been spotted using GMRS radios. 

A fast food place was using GMRS for communications between the counter, the cooks, and drive thru. Even at a drug store, every employee was carrying a GMRS radio.

And the coolest thing I saw was a businessman having lunch in front of an office building while discussing a client concern with a colleague in one the building's offices, not on his cell, not via text, but by GMRS radio. Although questions could be raised as to privacy issues with that one, it does show that GMRS is gaining momentum as a viable choice for business and industrial short-range radio communications.

What these users have discovered is that GMRS provides the same quality short-range UHF two-watt radio communications as equivalent commercial two-watt UHF handheld radios at more than a fraction of the cost. In fact, the golf course discovered that GMRS covered the same communications distances they needed as the commercial VHF repeater system did. Why pay those outrageous rental fees per radio when the price of a group of GMRS radios costs much  less?
So keep your eyes open and look around to see who is using GMRS for their radio communications needs. Then look at your own situation and you might surprised that GMRS may be a solution for you.

Phillip J. Boucher is the author of the ebook, The Complete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service, availbe from Amazon for $14.95.

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