Saturday, 4 October 2014



by Phillip J. Boucher

All schools, from kindergarten to higher universities, suffer from the same set of problems: lots of students, few faculty, and trying to organize all of it. Add to that staff and student safety and emergency situations such as fires, evacuations, or lock-downs, and you can have confusion all around situations that just might result in injury or death to a to a student or teacher.

By equipping school staff with GMRS radios, teachers, principals and vice-principals, security, janitorial, etc can be contacted immediately to deal with any problem that may arise. The office can contact a teacher quickly. Security can keep in touch with the office and each other to keep control of the school and maintain order. Teachers can get immediate help for a student who is injured, or or if they find themselves dealing with a violent student. Principals and vice-principals can warn staff of any potential security or emergency situation. On field trips, teachers can talk to each other as they escorts students, keeping order and safety from both ends of the line. And janitorial and cafeteria staff can inform each other, or be informed of, situations that need to be taken care of, ordering supplies, or keeping safe.

In fact, GMRS radios can used for many applications within any educational environment and situation. With school budgets becoming tighter all the time, using GMRS radios for school safety and security, administration, and maintenance, will ensure a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective educational operation.

Phillip J. Boucher is the author of the ebook, The Complete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service, availbe from Amazon for $14.95.

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